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Introducing THE ultimate appreciation programs!

Whether your business has customers, clients, guests or patients - they will love being given a $200 or $2,000 VIP Club Card.

We've got two distinct business models for small businesses & corporations: 1) a social networking revenue model as discussed throughout this website, and 2) an non-networking revenue model for companies that absolutely love the VIP Club Cards too, but want clear separation from any networking.

B2B Presentation

What You'll See.

Imagine showing your customers that they are appreciated with a gift worth $200 or $2,000 in travel savings - with no strings, no gimmicks, and no commitments.

A VIP Club Card can be used on hotels & resorts with full access to travel at prices not available to the general public.

When a customer saves money, you earn money. Up to 50% of a cardholder's savings becomes revenue for you with the opportunity to also earn a residual income.

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Important B2B Highlights

~ The VIP Club Card is the ultimate appreciation program where everybody wins!

~ Simply handing out VIP Club Cards offers you improved prospect conversion, customer appreciation, lead generation, and brand awareness.

~ Forget the days of pencils, pens, buttons, mugs, and other gifts that cost you money and get tossed into the trash or forgotten. With the VIP Club Card, you'll also have co-branding and cross-promotional opportunities to help grow both your brand and customer base.

~ Pricing for VIP Club Cards is as low as 8 cents per standard physical card and 7 cents per digital card. Co-branded cards are as low as 15 cents per card (with $299 one-time setup).


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