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Get instant access to a private, wholesale discount membership club offering you incredible savings up to 50-70% OFF of hotels & vacation resorts, staycation escapes, fantasy getaways, bucket list trips, luxury resort condos, cruises, flights and car rentals. But wait, there's more... Here's how GoodLife USA can also save you money every day! Discover discounts, free shipping & cash back offers from 400,000+ retailers. Sink your teeth into half-off dining at local restaurants. Grab tickets to your favorite sports team, concert, movie, and theme park at amazingly low prices. Spend Less. Live More. Memberships are as low as $11.95/month with $0 setup. Need more proof? Try a $200 VIP Club Card for free!

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Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to GoodLifeNation.

Our team is growing by leaps & bounds every day and I LOVE IT.

What's all this EXCITEMENT about? Great question. Imagine paying the absolute lowest possible price whenever you travel, have fun or buy stuff, PLUS... with simple "word of mouth" marketing and free $200 gifts to give out, you can earn money too.

So, let's jump right in and not waste a second. I will present my thoughts, review and opinion afterwards.

- Jeff


Making money Starts Here

Beyond the fantastic benefits of a GoodLife USA money saving membership, you can choose to become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) and take advantage of life-changing income opportunities like the patent pending $200 VIP Club Cards. These cards allow a person to save up to $200 on hotels, resorts & condos worldwide vs. other hotel booking sites. AND BEST OF ALL, when they save $200, you EARN $100!

How to turn .20 into $100!

How Does it work?

Here's the entire concept in one sentence: 1) you enroll as a GoodLife USA IBO for as little as $79, 2) you then hand out $200 VIP Club Cards to everyone you know and meet, 3) they happily use these cards to save up to $200 at hotels, resorts & condos worldwide, AND... 4) you earn as much as $100 per card when they do.

Yes, you earn up to $100 for each and every card that you give to people for free. Get a $200 card here and SEE IT ALL for yourself.

PLUS... you also have the opportunity to earn bonuses and a monthly residual income when they totally love the card and continue as a GoodLife USA member OR... better yet, they become an IBO too!

WHY Do VIP CARD USERS CHOOSE GoodLife Memberships?

Once a $200 VIP Club Card is used up & you've earned $100, what next? How do you earn more money? GoodLife USA memberships, of course! As people continue to SAVE MONEY, you continue to EARN MONEY. Remember, it's as little as $11.95/month with $0 setup to become a member. Here's a peek at the website you get and the most popular and most used benefits that members love...

HOTELS, RESORTS & CONDOS. Private access to members only pricing. Over 1 MILLION to choose from worldwide!
CRUISES, STAYCATIONS & FANTASY GETAWAYS. Search 14,000+ itineraries & get deals unavailable to the general public. Bucket list trips here!
FUN & ENTERTAINMENT. Get sports tickets, movie tickets, theater tickets, concert passes, theme park access, AND MUCH MORE at truly amazing prices.
SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP & HALF-OFF DINING. Get discounts, cashback & exclusive deals every day. Love it :)

3 best Game-Changers. Period.

It goes without saying that GoodLife has a revolutionary compensation plan (featuring a 2x20 Shared Social Network) AND a phenomenal rewards program.

But, you're here for the big stuff… things you haven't heard 1,000 times before... so let's dive right in...


These free cards allow people to save on hotels, resorts & condos worldwide compared to popular hotel booking sites… and best of all... when they save $200, you EARN $100. PLUS, when people you’ve given a card to enroll as an IBO too, you earn up to $25 for each VIP Club Card they hand out! Co-branded cards (with your company or organization logo on it) are available as well.


IBO Teams allow you to help someone join Goodlife and start building a position together. For you, each IBO Team creates a NEW, FREE pay position AND a new 2x20 Social Network! Grow your organization and network of IBOs while SHARING income opportunities with them... and earn an additional stream of income with each shared position. Multiple paychecks. $$$.


First time in the social networking industry. The Legacy tree is a company-wide BONUS compensation tree. In short: it’s one enormous, global, bonus tree for all IBOs everywhere in the world GoodLife operates. Hence, the term: ONE-WORLD GENEOLOGY! Earn extra money every month from BOTH the growth of the company AND from IBO's outside of your organization. Essentially, everything you build now benefits IBO's in other organizations, and everything they build benefits you. Goodlife calls this the crossover effect. These early top spots are going fast as new IBO's continue to enroll and GoodLife opens in new countries. You'll want to qualify & claim your spot in the Legacy Tree as quickly as you can.


Every IBO gets a personal website to market (exactly like this) PLUS free access to marketing automation tools to help build your business. Login to a state-of-the-art back-office where you can see ALL your money, numbers, and data too. And yes, see REAL-TIME tracking on all your VIP card activations, usage and bookings! You may find yourself logging in multiple times per day. It’s that cool and slightly addictive.


Is All This REAL?

YES. Try a card!

1) Get a card. 2) Activate it. 3) Search 1 mlllion hotels, resorts & condos. 4) See with your own eyes how it all works and how you make money. Get a $200 card here. I'll wait...

Ok, welcome back.

Now that you've seen that this is all REAL and have let it sink in, I think you'll agree when I say...

GoodLife USA, in my opinion, is a brilliant opportunity. Absolutely 100% brilliant. AND... even more importantly... it's so easy to get started!

I loved this concept from the moment it was introduced to me. In fact, I didn't sleep for 3 nights that's how excited I was. True story. I remember telling this to Mark (CEO) & Matt (President) of GoodLife USA. Both got a laugh and a kick out of it. By the way, both are also SUPER leaders of this company. I really can't say enough about 'em. I'm fortunate to live just a few minutes from corporate HQ.

I am making money. The checks do clear. :)

Oh, if you're looking to get-rich quick - you've come to the wrong place. Some effort is required. Handing people free $200 cards is very hard work. Just kidding.

Seriously though... you have to put in a consistent effort over time, ask people to simply activate their free card immediately, be patient, and enjoy the ride.


Ok, how much?

This is the part you're really going to like.

As I mentioned above, you can be your own boss for as little as $79 with the Starter IBO Package. No monthly fee. It gets your foot in the door to begin making money. :)

Every new IBO gets a Welcome Kit which includes either 50 physical VIP Club Cards or 60 digital VIP Club Cards.

Now, if you're like me and want to participate in earning more money every way possible, there are Silver, Gold and Platinum IBO Packages. Each package gets you more and more ways to earn bonuses, residuals and qualify for the Legacy Tree. The top IBO package (Platinum) maxes out at $349 setup and $59.95/month. It's a stellar deal when you grasp the enormity of this whole business. Mind-blowing, really. Disclosure: I'm a Platinum IBO. I recommend Gold IBO ($199 setup and $39.95/month) or Silver IBO ($129 setup and $9/month) if finances are an issue. You can upgrade anytime. I'm not going to pressure you. You'll want to upgrade within 3-6 months anyway. Why? You can earn like double the $$ for the same amount of time & effort (as a Platinum IBO instead of Gold IBO).

What's most important is to always have enough money for a constant supply of VIP Cards to give people - whichever package you choose. (see all pricing) VIP Club Cards range from just 8 cents each to a maximum of 20 cents (based on number of cards you order). Instant digital cards are just 7 cents each!

Here's the most common question I get asked: "when I become an IBO, does it automatically include being a member too?" Yes, it does! In addition to making money, you also get to save money. For instance, if you're a Platinum IBO, this package includes Platinum level member benefits too. The Gold IBO package includes Gold level member benefits too. (Does not apply to the starter IBO package).


The Bottom Line

Imagine traveling at true cost (NO retail markup), saving money every day, and making money - all at the same time!

This is living the GOOD LIFE.

If you have the ability to hand a $200 card to somebody for FREE - you can do this. After all, you're not selling anything! It's a GIFT from YOU to THEM... and... as they save money... you earn money. That's the brilliance of it!

The bottom line is this... you can get started in your own business for just $79. This includes 50 physical VIP Cards (or 60 digital cards). Once you enroll, simply log into your back-office and activate the instant digital cards for $7 per 100. Then give out VIP cards online or in-person. All this for only $86. Simply buy more VIP cards or upgrade your IBO package when you see results. Now, if just 1 person uses their $200 VIP Club Card and you earn $100, you've earned your $86 back and made $14. I challenge you to find a better opportunity than that.

TOOLS...TOOLS...TOOLS... To make this even more FUN for you, I have put together a HUGE LIST of places and ways to hand out $200 VIP Club Cards in-person or online. So whether you're stacked with 10, 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 beautiful, blue cards, you'll find these ideas really creative & thoughtful. I have also created EXCLUSIVE marketing tools, banners, text ads, social media posts, B2B & non-profit letters, teacher appreciation cards, and MORE for you to use. JUST ADDED: 1) a downloadable landing page just like this page, and 2) a step-by-step, duplicatable IBO lead generation system that does most of the work for you.

If you're ready to start living the GoodLife, I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you aboard. We've got an excellent team. I'm here to help YOU. My info is below. :)

I do recommend you sit back, relax and watch my 50 minute full business presentation. It explains everything in much more detail. See it here.

YES. You can ask me a million questions before you enroll & get started! This is A LOT of information to absorb at once.

Jeff Cohen
GoodLife USA Independent Business Owner (since July 1, 2016)
email: or text/call me: 561-302-7066
(please text before calling so I know you are a real person)
more about me: Launch 3, LLC and LinkedIn


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