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How To Turn 20 cents into $1,000

IMAGINE... having a $200 gift that you can give to anyone, at anytime, FOR FREE!

And, what if this free gift (which costs you just 20 cents) allows a person to save up to $200 on hotels, resorts, car rentals, and fun activities worldwide.

Now here's where I get your attention: this gift also earns YOU half of what a person saves. Two examples...

A couple books a hotel room for 3 nights in Miami Beach and saves $200. You earn $100.

A family rents a car for 4 days in Denver and saves $110. You earn $55.
Three months later they save $90 on local theme park tickets. You earn $45.
(They used this gift twice to save the entire $200, earning you $100.)

But it gets even better...

You can also give away a $2,000 gift where you can earn $1,000!

Yes, if newlyweds book a beautiful resort in Tahiti for a week and save $2,000, you earn $1,000.

The cost of this gift is... again, just 20 cents.

You've probably just made some new best friends too. :)

Now where in the world have you ever seen a gift that you can give away for free, that saves someone money whom you gave the gift to, and you get paid as they use it?

This is a gift that helps a heartfelt CAUSE too. The first dollar of a person's savings when they use the $2,000 gift is donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. For each subsequent booking, a percentage of each person's savings also goes to the Foundation. The ALSF logo is on the gift and the money goes towards research and saving lives.

So what is this extraordinary gift?

Let me introduce to you... the VIP Club Card from GoodLife USA.

The Marvelous $2,000 Card!

Frequent traveler? Big family? Ask me for a digital $2,000 activation code.

Making money with these VIP cards.

Let me use the $2,000 VIP card to illustrate how this all works: 1) you enroll as a GoodLife USA IBO (Independent Business Owner), 2) you hand out VIP Club Cards to everyone you know and meet in real-life and online, 3) they happily use these cards to save up to $2,000, AND... 4) you earn as much as $1,000 per card when they do.

Oh, did I mention that when people you've given a card to also enroll as an IBO, you earn up to $200 for each VIP Club Card they hand out! (Yes, a second tier.)

PLUS... you have the opportunity to earn bonuses and a monthly residual income too.



This VIP Card opens the door to A fun, Lucrative travel & LIFESTYLE business

Once a $200 or $2,000 VIP Club Card is used up and you've made money, what next?

The VIP card cracks open a hidden door to an enormous realm of "private access" savings.

VIP's may choose to become a Platinum Subscriber and instantly get even DEEPER DISCOUNTS.

When a VIP enrolls as a subscriber, GoodLife offers you 4 more ways to earn an ongoing income.

Here's a peek...

Earn a $100 Quick Pay bonus each time you personally enroll a new Platinum Subscriber. PLUS, get 5 TIERS of these generous bonuses!
Earn $5/mo for every active personal subscriber AND enter the incredible 2x20 Shared Social Network where you can even create teams.
Helping a person to join GoodLife can create a NEW, FREE pay position in the form of a Team. Create unlimited teams & share in the $$ earned monthly.
The more you build, the more you can earn. This may be the largest chunk of your paycheck and a staggering source of monthly RESIDUAL income.


Is All This REAL?

YES. Get a card!

I've loved GoodLife from the moment it was introduced to me. In fact, I didn't sleep for 3 nights that's how excited I was. True story. I remember telling this to Mark (CEO) & Matt (President). Both got a laugh and a kick out of it. By the way, both are also SUPER leaders of this company. I really can't say enough about 'em. I'm also fortunate to live just 10 minutes from corporate HQ.

I am making money. The checks do clear. :)

Oh, if you're looking to get-rich quick - you've come to the wrong place. Some effort is required. Handing people $200 and $2,000 cards is very hard work. Just kidding.

Seriously though... you have to put in a consistent effort over time, ask people to simply activate their free card immediately, be patient, and enjoy the ride.


This is the part you're really going to like.

You can be your own boss for $79 and just $9.95 per month thereafter with the Starter IBO Package. It gets your foot in the door to begin making money.

Here's the most common question I get asked: "As an IBO, what does it cost to become a Platinum Subscriber (so that I can save money on travel and lifestyle too)?"

To become a Platinum Subscriber, the cost is $299 setup and just $49.95/month. Now, this subscription is optional and you can add at any time, so when you're ready a) it gives you access to ALL the fabulous money saving benefits, I mean everything!, and b) your subscription immediately earns you half of your monthly Personal Commission Volume to qualify for all the IBO income opportunities.

It's an absolutely stellar deal when you think about it. Mind-blowing really.

  • $79 & $9.95 per month
  • IBO ENROLLMENT PACKAGE ($79 setup + $9.95/mo)
  • Ability to earn income from:
  • Earn VIP Club Card Income
  • Get FREE VIP Club Cards
  • Quick Pay, Team Tree & Coded/Infinity Bonus
  • 15% off Shopping Network

Every new IBO gets a Welcome Kit which includes an initial supply of VIP Club Cards to get you started immediately. IBO's also get 30 $2,000 digital VIP Cards each month.

Yes, you can order as many additional cards as you like. VIP Club Cards range from just 8 cents each to a maximum of 20 cents (based on number of cards you order). Instant digital cards ($200 VIP Card) are just 7 cents each!


Limited Time Offer! Do you know a GROUP of people (family, friends, co-workers) or a TEAM from another company that wants to join GoodLife together?

Enroll at a significantly reduced setup price of $149 each (50% off platinum subscription setup + IBO starter package setup is free)

You must have a minimum of 3 people ready to enroll the same day. Ask me for full details.

The Bottom Line

Imagine traveling more while spending less, saving money every day, AND making money - all at the same time!

This is living the GOOD LIFE.

If you have the ability to hand a $200 or $2,000 card to somebody for FREE - you can do this. After all, you're not selling anything! It's a GIFT from YOU to THEM... and... as they save money... you earn money. That's the brilliance of it!


1) Every IBO gets personal websites to market (here is an example) PLUS access to marketing automation tools to help build your business. Login to a state-of-the-art back-office where you can see ALL your money, numbers, and data too. And yes, see REAL-TIME tracking on all your VIP card activations, usage and bookings! You may find yourself logging in multiple times per day. It's slightly addictive.

2) To make this even more FUN for you, I have put together a HUGE LIST of places and ways to hand out VIP Club Cards in-person or online. So whether you're stacked with 10, 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 cards, you'll find these ideas really creative & thoughtful. I have also created EXCLUSIVE marketing tools, banners, text ads, social media posts, B2B & non-profit letters, teacher appreciation cards, and MORE for you to use. JUST ADDED: 1) a custom landing page just like this page, and 2) a 24 hour IBO lead generation system that does most of the work for you (simply call 561-405-9575 and try it out).

If you're ready to start living the Good Life, I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you aboard. We've got an excellent team. I'm here to help YOU. My info is below. :)

YES. You can ask me a million questions before you enroll & get started! This is A LOT of information to absorb at once.

Jeff Cohen, GoodLife USA IBO
text|call: 561-302-7066
(please text before calling so I know you are a real person)
more about me: Launch 3, LLC and LinkedIn

get fresh leads to grow your business...



B2B and Non-Profit Programs

We've got a distinct business model for companies & organizations that absolutely love the VIP Cards, memberships and big discounts. Yes, we've got you covered.

Business Owners

Whether your business has employees, customers, clients, patrons, patients, or guests - they will love being given a gift.

Show them that they are appreciated with no strings, no gimmicks, and no commitments.

As they save money, you earn money.

Simply handing out cards can offer you improved...

  • Prospect Conversion
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness

Non-Profits & 501(c)(3)

If your organization is seeking to raise money (or awareness) for a great cause... I'd love to help you.

This card is an extremely low cost, high yield product that is very unique.

Imagine saying: "Receive a card with your $10 gift.", "Here's a card in appreciation of your gift to our organization.", or "All attendees to our event get a free card."

Ask me how we can work together to put cards in your hands.


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Get a free $200 VIP Club Card and try us out, or enroll as an IBO and choose to live the good life.

Frequent traveler? Got a Big family? Ask me for a digital $2,000 card.

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