GoodLife USA is a private, members-only, travel and lifestyle benefits club with unbeatable prices and lucrative income opportunities.

Start by getting a FREE $200 VIP Club Card and see for yourself. You will love it!

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What's this all about?

GoodLife USA, in my opinion, is a brilliant opportunity. Absolutely 100% brilliant. AND... even more importantly... is easy to understand! I loved the concept from the moment it was introduced to me. In fact, I didn't sleep for 3 nights that's how excited I was. True story. I remember telling this to Mark (CEO) & Matt (President) of GoodLife USA. Both got a laugh and a kick out of it. By the way, both are also SUPER leaders of this company.

Here's the entire concept in one sentence: 1) you enroll as a GoodLife USA IBO, 2) you then hand out free $200 VIP Club Cards to everyone you know and meet, 3) they happily use these cards to save up to $200 at hotels & resorts worldwide, AND... 4) you earn as much as $100 per card when they do.

Yes, you earn up to $100 for each and every card that you give to people for free. PLUS... you also have the opportunity to earn bonuses and a monthly residual income when they totally love the card and continue as a GoodLife USA member OR... better yet, do this too!

Yes, I am making money. The checks clear twice per month. :)

Now if you're looking to get-rich quick, you've come to the wrong place. Some effort is required. Handing people free $200 VIP Club Cards is very hard-work. Just kidding. But seriously... you have to put in a consistent effort over time, be patient, and enjoy the ride.

This brings us to the big question...

Who is GoodLife USA?

The company says it better than I do...

GoodLife USA is a private, wholesale discount membership club offering incredible savings up to 50-70% OFF of travel, hotels & resorts, cruises, flights, car rentals, luxury resort condos plus the things you love to do and enjoy every day... from over 400,000 retailers, concerts, theme parks, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, movies and much more.

Beyond the amazing benefits of a GoodLife USA membership, you can choose to become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) and take advantage of life-changing income opportunities like the patent pending $200 VIP Club Cards. These cards allow the user to save on hotels & resorts worldwide compared to popular hotel booking websites… and best of all, when they save $200, you EARN $100!

And now the biggest question of all...

What's in it for you?

Imagine traveling at true cost (NO retail markup), saving money every day, and making money - all at the same time!

Read the above sentence once more. Please!

This is living the GOOD LIFE.

If you have the ability to hand a $200 VIP Club Card to somebody for FREE - you can do this. After all, you're not selling anything! It's a GIFT from YOU to THEM... and... as they save money... you earn money. That's the brilliance of it. Absolutely 100% brilliant.

To make this even more FUN, I have put together a HUGE LIST of places and ways to hand out $200 VIP Club Cards in-person or online. So whether you're stacked with 10, 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 beautiful blue cards, you'll find these ideas really creative & thoughtful. I have also created EXCLUSIVE marketing tools, banners, text ads, social media posts, B2B & non-profit letters, teacher appreciation cards, and MORE for you to use.

Discover if this one-of-a-kind opportunity is right for you and how you too can start living the good life.

I suggest you start by watching the full presentation here.

Jeff Cohen
GoodLife USA Independent Business Owner (since July 1, 2016)
email: or text me: 561-302-7066
more about me: Launch 3, LLC and LinkedIn

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